From Strategy to Implementation

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Compassion-powered conversion copywriting for conscious marketers
focused on building and nurturing devoted customer relationships.

Boost your small or midsize business with messaging that strikes an empathetic chord with your audience. People want to feel seen, heard, and understood by the companies they do business with. Today’s consumers respond well to messaging that is less sales-y and more relatable. 

As a former Marriage and Family Therapist, I know how to help people develop and maintain relationships based on care, compassion, kindness, and respect. Messaging that embodies these heart-centered values will resonate with your ideal prospects.

From email campaigns to website content, I create stories that resonate deeply, turning your readers into loyal fans and customers. What makes this approach effective? It’s all about connection. By truly understanding and engaging your audience, you’re earning their trust and fostering lasting relationships. This elevates your brand and drives engagement and sales, crucial for small to midsize businesses looking to make a meaningful impact.

My diverse background enables me to bring a unique perspective to your marketing. I craft emotionally rich narratives that captivate and inspire action. I blend emotional and relational intelligence with artificial intelligence to write even more impactful copy, raising your brand’s profile, forging deeper connections, and spurring growth.

My heart-centered values infuse everything I do:

  • Choosing words that inspire (think “strive for” over “aim for”)
  • Leading with kindness and value (giving first, asking later)
  • Avoiding shame or fear tactics (focusing on positive outcomes, not dire warnings)
  • Writing with genuine need and affordability in mind (solutions, not compulsions)
  • Prioritizing SEO, User Experience (UX), and accessibility for a seamless buyer journey

Why Work With Me?

Hi, my name is Rebecca Dugas and I bring a unique blend of empathy and expertise to the table.

My approach to copywriting and copyediting combines the latest trends in marketing with my understanding of how to build and nurture relationships to create heart-centered narratives that connect, inspire, and drive action.

With me, you don’t just get a copywriter; you gain a strategic, empathetic marketing partner passionate about elevating your voice, ensuring it reaches the people you strive to serve and support. I love supporting businesses on a mission to make the world a better place!

My Proven Impact

Navigating the intricacies of marketing for socially-conscious businesses can be tricky. It’s not just about words on a page. It’s about strategy, understanding, and measurable outcomes. Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve achieved:

  • Increased Organic Visibility: My copywriting elevated one client from intermittent sales and obscure search rankings to clinching the top 3 spots on Google. The result? Sold-out launches with six-figure revenues.

  • Improved Customer Engagement: My background enables me to craft messages that resonate. Through tailored email campaigns, blogs, lead magnets, and landing pages, I’ve transformed businesses’ online presence, leading to tangible growth and improved customer engagement.

  • Higher Sales: Each project I undertake begins with a deep dive into understanding your unique business ethos. Past collaborations have resulted in expanded offerings, perfectly articulated brand voices, a wider, more engaged audience, and higher sales.

Several Ways to Get Started

Get in touch today and let’s start transforming your message.

Discovery Call

Let’s meet on Zoom for about 30 minutes so you can share the details of your project and what you’re hoping your audience will do, think, or feel as a result of your message. I’ll ask you what you like and don’t like about your current marketing. And you’ll describe who your audience is. Together we’ll explore how my expertise and unique approach may be able to help you achieve your copy and content goals.

Site Content Audit

Wondering why your website isn’t performing as well as it could? I’ll do a deep dive on the content of your website (including your blog, if you have one) and provide you with a comprehensive report of what’s working, what’s missing, and what could use improvement. Hand that report to your team, or I can help resolve these issues to improve your search engine rankings and audience engagement.

Strategy Session

This 90-minute marketing strategy session on Zoom is a much more in-depth version of the Discovery Call. Together, we’ll do a comprehensive review of your marketing goals and the opportunities I see that can help get you where you need to be. After the call, I’ll provide you with a roadmap that helps you understand what to implement and in what order, plus resources to accomplish those tasks.