Want to transform your marketing into
a heart-centered message of connection?

No one likes the traditional “hard sell” tactics.

Sure, they work.

In the short term.

But if you want a sustainable business with loyal customers, you need to connect with them, not scare or shame them.

Forbes reports that a majority of customers seek brands they can relate to.

Relationship marketing, especially in the age of AI, persuades more people to buy because they want to know they’re interacting with other humans who care. (However, we’re an AI-friendly company. Click here to read our stance on AI assistance.)

Brands that demonstrate authenticity, relatability, and respect win over more customers who then become loyal fans.

Heart-centered marketing creates more meaningful connections with customers by leading with care, compassion, and a genuine desire to serve.

At Heart Sell Copy Solutions, we stay away from hard sell tactics and instead use an empathetic, love-based approach to enhance your sales message.

We produce email copywriting, content marketing, and website writing that helps your prospects fall in love with you, eager to buy your solutions that truly help them.

Attract Your Ideal Prospect

To find and reach your ideal customers, you need a mailing list, lead magnets, ebooks, an SEO-optimized website, and more. To lead with heart, your lead generation approach must showcase your brand as authentic, trustworthy, and relatable.

Develop Relationships of Trust

Your mailing list subscribers want to get to know you, so love-based nurture campaigns, newsletters, and blog posts generously share free and valuable resources that demonstrate how much you care about helping them resolve their problems.

Convert Prospects into Loyal Fans

Heart-centered launch campaigns–launch emails, sales pages, welcome and follow-up emails–demonstrate your solution as the perfect fix for their issue. They’ll be amazed at how cared for they feel after the sale, leading to glowing testimonials. 

Get results ethically with love-based online marketing!

Tailored SolutionsHolistic ApproachHeart-Centered Philosophy

Tailored Solution

The goal of heart-centered marketing is to forge emotional connections with customers by appealing to shared hopes, dreams, and struggles through content full of empathy, care, and purpose. The focus is on relational rather than transactional interactions. 

Done authentically, this can increase trust in and affinity for a brand, leading to more loyal customers. As a result, you’ll develop a healthier and more sustainable business model that grows organically and responsibly.

My 3-Stage Process

Whether you choose my copywriting, content marketing, copyediting, or marketing strategy services, our work together will follow roughly the same process.

Understanding Your Vision

Starting with an in-depth intake form, I’ll immerse myself in your world, absorbing the nuances that make your offerings unique. We’ll connect over a call where I’ll listen, ask, and further clarify. This ensures that I’m in sync with your objectives and aspirations before I craft a single word. We’ll also co-create a strategy that maximizes your assets.

Research & Drafting

Armed with insights from our discussion, I’ll delve deeper, exploring market trends, doing keyword research, and evaluating competitor landscapes. This paves the way for me to craft copy that’s informed, compelling, and persuasive, while preserving your brand voice.

Feedback & Fine-tuning

Copywriting is an iterative process. We’ll go through two to three rounds of revisions, refining the narrative until it resonates perfectly with your vision and the customers you are striving to reach, connect with, and convert. At this stage, I will also offer some design suggestions for you or your team to make the messaging stand out.

What My Clients Say

“Highest praise: She makes me money!”

The work Rebecca has done on my website, social media content, and sales processes has been invaluable to our dynamic growth. The targeted sales letters have been on point. I now have a social media presence thanks to Rebecca. I can only give the highest of praise for her work. She makes me money.

Gregory Wyatt, COO of The CPR Lady

“Captures the spirit of the work I do!”

Rebecca did an excellent job of helping me figure out how to shape my message and promote my services in a way that attracts new clients and perfectly captures the spirit of the work I do. I would recommend working with Rebecca if you’re looking to articulate your personal brand and reach a wider audience.

~ Rachel Kramer Bussel, Author, Editor & Writing Consultant

“Exceeded my expectations in every way!”

Rebecca created new copy for three new pages on my website. Her writing was compelling and effective for truly connecting with my ideal clients. She also created an opt-in gift to encourage website visitors to sign up for my email newsletter. I highly recommend working with Rebecca for your copywriting needs.

~ Maya Zahira, Owner, Maya’s Oasis Energy Healing Institute

Several Ways to Get Started

Get in touch today and let’s start transforming your message.

Discovery Call

Let’s meet on Zoom for about 30 minutes so you can share the details of your project and what you’re hoping your audience will do, think, or feel as a result of your message. I’ll ask you what you like and don’t like about your current marketing. And you’ll describe who your audience is. Together we’ll explore how my expertise and unique approach may be able to help you achieve your copy and content goals.

Site Content Audit

Wondering why your website isn’t performing as well as it could? I’ll do a deep dive on the content of your website (including your blog, if you have one) and provide you with a comprehensive report of what’s working, what’s missing, and what could use improvement. Hand that report to your team, or I can help resolve these issues to improve your search engine rankings and audience engagement.

Strategy Session

This 90-minute marketing strategy session on Zoom is a much more in-depth version of the Discovery Call. Together, we’ll do a comprehensive review of your marketing goals and the opportunities I see that can help get you where you need to be. After the call, I’ll provide you with a roadmap that helps you understand what to implement and in what order, plus resources to accomplish those tasks.